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Start-Up Hosting

Start-Up Hosting

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97% of all startups fail. Yes, that’s right.

Let this sink in for a moment.

This is primarily because, in this technologically advanced day and age, they don’t invest in going digital.

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Online Presence With Web Hosting

81% of shoppers research online before purchasing. This means that regardless of the products or services you are selling, your potential customers will look you up online.

Thus, maintaining an online presence is necessary for any startup, and web hosting is the best way to do it.

There are a million webpages and complexities to navigate through to establish a robust online presence.

Web hosting enables your website and the data on it to go online without you having to worry about server technicalities, internet support, etc.

Thus, startups can focus their resources on their specific product or service, and rely on web hosting for their online presence.

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Web Hosting Solutions

In a deeply digitalized and highly competitive environment, web hosting solutions have begun to provide a never-ending list of services:

  • Secure web hosting
  • Personalized email attached with website domain
  • Reliable firewalls and security measures
  • SEO services to enhance your business’s search result ranking
  • Website maintenance and updates
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Tracing The Absence Of Online Presence 

You might ask if an online presence is so pivotal to success, why aren’t more businesses investing in it?

Startups have to have a reasonable burn rate – the rate at which the money invested is used or “burnt.”

When the stakes are high and investors to satisfy, business owners shy away from investing in an online presence owing to the high costs of establishing and hosting an online presence.

Best Start-Up Hosting

One cannot possibly overemphasize the need to utilize web hosting solutions to achieve tremendous success in a startup.

The ideal path for startups is to consult a startup hosting service provider that is affordable and justifies the increase in burn rate.

As a full-fledged digital agency with proven excellence in managed hosting solutions, Webzoids has all the right cards up its sleeve to help you scale your business.

With only a few clicks, Webzoids will have your business up and running on the internet.

Isn’t that just what you want?

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